MOLLVIS Language Course – Windows Desktop version


The MOLLVIS project provides a computer-based German language course (Level A1) designed for blind and visually impaired people focussing on listening and speaking skills.
The course make use of a force-feedback joystick. Force-feedback technology provides a haptic experience that is used to navigate and interact with the software. Force-feedback joysticks are mostly used in games and are thus relatively cheap (approx. 50 to 60 Euro). Alternatively, the course can also be operated with mouse and keyboard.
The German course can be used as a self-learning course. However, because the technology requires the installation of software drivers, a blind learner might probably need a sighted person to help him or her to set-up the system. In the classroom, the individual units can be used as an additional means for language training as they provide interesting new ways of teaching a language for all (including sighted) learners.
To download the mobile version of the MOLLVIS course for Apple IOS, Android, and Windows Phone, please search the appropriate stores for Mollvis.

Installation and Setup

The MOLLVIS German course comes in four parts:

  1. The language course: This zip file contains all units and the German sound files required for the training. This file also contains all explanations and instructions in the learner’s language required for the training. The following learner languages are available: Dutch, English, Italian, Romanian, and Turkish.
  2. Documentation. This includes the teacher manual that provides some basic information as well as an overview of the units and their language content. The teacher manual is complemented by a technical manual that gives information about setup of the course and the joystick as well as information on how to modify and adapt the German units for your own students.
  3. Sound packages: These sound packages contain all sound files that are used in the course. Each package comes with an Excel table describing the content and file name of a sound. Teachers will find these packages useful as an extra means for their lessons.
  4. The Assistant: The Assistant is a compact authoring tool that helps teachers to modify and adapt the courses’ units for their own students.
    Apart from the Managed DirectX driver, the MOLLVIS course does not require a setup or any admin rights. Simply

  1. Install the Managed DirectX driver: this driver is required for the course.
  2. Copy the content of the appropriate zip file your hard disk drive.
  3. Start the course by double-clicking on the program mollvis.exe in the directory mollvis.

Joystick Drivers: Windows usually does recognise a joystick, but does not install the force-feedback features. Therefore, in case you have a force-feedback joystick, the original joystick drivers must be installed. If you do not have a joystick, you can also run the modules with just a mouse. Please refer to the technical manual. However, some tasks and exercises might not be as effective as with the joystick.

Text-To-Speech: The course uses text-to-speech output for instructions and program messages. Make sure to have the correct text-to-speech learner language installed as default language.

Download MOLLVIS German Course

Managed DirectX driver (Download)
Version 1.01 for Dutch learners (Download)
Version 1.01 for English learners (Download)
Version 1.01 for Italian learners (Download)
Version 1.01 for Romanian learners (Download)
Version 1.01 for Turkish learners (Download)

Download MOLLVIS Teacher Manuals

Version 1.0 for Dutch learners (Download)
Version 1.0 for English learners (Download)
Version 1.0 for Italian learners (Download)
Version 1.09 for Romanian learners (Download)

      1. Download MOLLVIS Language Packages
        Dutch language package (Download)
        English language package (Download)
        German language package (Download)
        Italian language package (Download)
        Romanian language package (Download)
        Turkish language package (Download)

The MOLLVIS Assistant

A teacher can adapt the MOLLVIS course to the needs of his or her learners by either changing the media files or by editing the script files. It is also possible to add new lessons. To support this task, the project provides the Assistant, a mini authoring system that allows to modify the existing course scripts and assists in creating new (language) learning lessons. The Assistant comes with a ready-made set of activity and exercise “building blocks” that can be assembled to create a lesson in a lego-like fashion.
For further information, please refer to the technical manual that is provided with the Assistant.

2. Installation and Setup
1. Install the Managed DirectX driver: this driver is required for the course and the Assistant.
2. Copy the content of the Assistant zip file your hard disk drive
3. Start the Assistant by double-clicking on the program assistant.exe in the directory Assitant.

  1. 3. Download the Assistant
    Managed DirectX driver (Download)
    Assistant Version 1.0 (Download)

4. Support
In case of technical help, please contact our support at